Project Management Therapy

Pain management therapy is used for most patients suffering from chronic pain. It has shown to be effective without the potential risk of side-effects or addiction inherent in medication. The most common type of therapy is physical therapy, but cognitive therapy and meditation are becoming more popular treatment options as well.

Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy can relieve pain, increase the speed of recovery, and restore function to the patient. This can include heat and ice packs, ultrasounds, stretching, strengthening exercises, and low-impact aerobic conditioning. Typically a physical therapist will go through several exercises with the patient and then recommend they continue them on their own at home.

Stress and pain are closely related. Chronic pain can cause a great deal of stress, but stress can also intensify the feeling of pain. Meditation is a common therapeutic treatment for chronic pain as it can quiet the patient’s mind and relax their body. This typically involves focusing the mind on a single idea or on your thoughts and sensations. Patients who practice meditation regularly experience less stress and have an increased tolerance for pain.

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